Academy of Vocational and Professional Training signs a Five Year Contract with Deputy Vice Chancellor of Cambodian Mekong University

posted 13 Jul 2013, 04:31 by Diane Shawe

Diane Shawe and Dr. Philip Dews
To deliver Softskills training to it’s students throughout Cambodia

25th May 2013, Diane Shawe, United Kingdom

Dr. Philip Dews, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Cambodian Mekong University  signed a 5 year exclusive contract with Diane Shawe the founder and CEO of Academy of Vocational & Professional Training (AVPTGLOBAL), the leader in delivering of over 300 soft skills globally accredited courses.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Philip Dews, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Cambodian Mekong University and Diane Shawe the founder and CEO of Academy of Vocational & Professional Training, at their offices in the City of London, UK.

With the new contract in place, through the CHE college and Cambodia Mekong University student can apply online to study with AVPT’s UK Virtual Tutor Facilitators who will support them during the course they have registered to undertake.

With a population of over 15 million and a anticipated growth rate of 8%, over 50 of Cambodia’s population is under the age of 18 and even those who have already attained a degree do not have the necessary soft skills to meet the needs of a variety of employers.

This lack of skills will prove a particular challenge as the country is expanding rapidly as a tourist destination and yet does not have the hospitality courses necessary to train the number of staff large enough to satisfy the demand.

The Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen is aware of this situation and has declared that the educational institutes must find ways to support the development of the variety of skills required in the tourism sector.

Dr. Dews said: “Inspired by the Prime Ministers vision, I discovered AVPT whilst researching for UK  soft skill training providers. [whilst in Cambodia] I then did my due diligence of the organisation itself online. When I came to the UK, I arranged a meeting with Diane Shawe and had the opportunity to be shown the unique learning management system and some of the course materials. I am confident that I have found the solution for the soft skills training for the Cambodia population.”

AVPT delivers a wide range of soft skills courses through it’s cutting edge learning management system which work fluently and securely with various mobile devices.

Diane Shawe said: “We are passionate about education and how technology can play a part in helping to upskill people around the world.  When Dr. Dews shared the problem they wanted to rectify in Cambodia, I knew we could help.  What most people, employers, entrepreneurs and even some educational institutions do not have today is the time, the necessary resources and the infrastructure they need to support and deliver a cost effective broad selection of soft skill courses, but we have already created them.  AVPT have streamlined the process and make learning quicker because we have made the investment to design, research, write, and create the system which is student (user) centric and time sensitive.  All our courses can be completed in days not years.”

Diane also believes that: “Our online courses transcend multiple barriers to learning, because they can be scalable which consequently reduces the cost of acquisition of knowledge per person.  The knowledge gained is also measurable, which encourages the student to progress and allows their online tutor VTF (or workshop leader) to provide the flexible support system most beneficial for motivation.  And additionally online training is environmentally friendly and adds to the accessible and inclusive nature of the courses.”

Dr. Dews also confirmed that the CHE will want to cement this long term commitment by sending its first group of 200 students to the UK for workshop training very soon.  This will be a reward for some of the thousands of students in the college giving them the chance to study here and experience British culture in advance of greeting tourists in their own country.  Such large numbers of students coming to the UK will help Cambodia cater for the huge demand within their hospitality sector as several large resorts open this summer.


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