How you can evaluate your business idea for 2012

posted 16 Nov 2011, 18:22 by Diane Shawe

by Diane Shawe

How to evaluate your business idea for 2012If you are considering setting up a business for 2012, then it is worth downloading my quick checklist which will help you evaluate your idea before you start throwing your money or other peoples money at the idea.

Often when you do a short quick evaluation on yourself and the idea you might come up against another idea or even a problem that you might need to solve prior to starting your new venture.  The same can be said for expanding your business, it’s not a good idea to try and work everything out in your head before committing your thoughts and ideas to paper.

Download my quck evaluation form, I am sure it will help.  You might want to take a look at our forthcoming short fast track courses designed to give you the edge in the job or business market.

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Diane Shawe,
16 Nov 2011, 18:22