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posted 1 Dec 2012, 09:26 by Diane Shawe   [ updated 1 Dec 2012, 09:30 ]

At times like this, you need a plan of action. Some useful cost-saving tips and income generating ideas just to make sure you can sleep at night.  It's not always about getting a loan, especially as we know a lot of loan sharks are rubbing their hands together at your temporary misfortune.

And at times like this, you need my new guide because if is hard to see how how to curb bad spending habits and start saving emergency funds? And quickly?

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101 ways to raise emergency money



At least once in every person’s life comes a time when the need is great and the resources are few.

 It can be hard enough to make ends meet on a decent wage, but, when the times get tough and the money just is not there to meet the need, a person can easily despair.

 It is apparent that not many people living in the West is prepared for war to be right on their doorsteps!  However, we are fighting all different kinds of wars, and I have chosen to label this one up as the Financial Greed defense war!


A war that was bought to most of us by the institutions we trusted to look after the financial infrastructure of the world.

Therefore, we are where we are, some people will fair better than others will, but even they might come up against stress as members of families reach out for help.

101 Ways to Raise Emergency Money has been written with you in mind. If you are forever trying to come up with inventive ways to earn and save more than this creative eBook will absolutely thrill you.

It is safe to say that we have grown up to become a group of 'Throw always' 'Over indulge' ‘pay on credit’ and excess.  There is nothing wrong with that but what is does not cultivate is the ability to take into consideration, to save, to conserve or plan for when things get tough or go wrong.

When a person can have good financial control and a good plan of action. Should emergency funds be needed, a person can then sleep better at night.

There is no real magic formula for coming up with on-the-spot emergency cash. There is a good deal of thinking through and the putting of a good plan into action. If you can do that, you have it made. That is truly all that any one of us can do to secure out tomorrows.

With this in mind I hope you find most of my tips useful.

I hope you enjoy this little book and find it useful

Diane Shawe
101 ways to raise emergency money,