How to get around the banks by Diane Shawe

posted 24 Oct 2012, 22:09 by Diane Shawe
Diane Shawe at Youth Enterprise Live
Event Venue: Youth Enterprise Live Show
Event Date: 12th October 2012

Diane Shawe will be speaking on the variety of options open to students and youths wanting to set up there own business and how they can raise finance. 

There can be a number of reasons for looking beyond the standard means of funding a business such as the bank. Even when times are less tough, an alternative channel may offer benefits the banks can't. All of the ordinary business rules apply – have a solid plan, know your figures – but the other stuff can become interesting.

Diane will look at the new wave of Crowdfunding which is helping all types of businesses and individuals raise the finance they need.

How  it work

What is it in a nutshell

How could you get involved

Crowd Funding enables creative fundraising the social way

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